Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR)

"This is a place where I would always feel comfortable to come. I could not have been happier with the services that were provided to me. Not only have my eyes been opened but I was given the power to want to help and teach others."- Individual served by Community Healthcore


Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) is a program for individuals living in a nursing facility with a diagnosis of IDD or a related condition that was diagnosed before the age of 18. The resident must also be receiving Medicaid. Individuals who qualify are eligible for specialized services including but not limited to customized manual wheelchair, independent living skills training, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, case management as well as employment assistance. Residents are also educated twice a year on community living options that would allow the individual to move from the nursing facility into a group home, host home, or a home of their own with supports. Each resident is assigned a Case Manager that develops an Individual Service Plan and monitors their specialized services as well as the nursing facility’s care plan on a monthly basis.




Service Areas

Bowie, Cass, Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Panola, Red River, Rusk, and Upshur Counties


107 Woodbine Place, Longview, Texas 75604