Prevention and Early Intervention Services

Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) services provide support for individuals and families who are experiencing stress along with risks and early indicators of issues that could lead to negative outcomes. PEI helps individuals and families reduce causes of these issues and achieve more positive outcomes.

Individual and community well-being is built just like a house is built.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES)

The Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program helps children and youth with serious mental, emotional...

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Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a statewide program within the Texas Health and Human...

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Family & Youth Success (FAYS)

The Family & Youth Success (FAYS) Program offers free, preventative, short-term services for youth...

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Parents As Teachers (PAT)

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a no cost, voluntary program available to Gregg, Smith,...

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Prevention Network for North East Texas (PREV-NET)

PREV-NET is a coalition in Northeast Texas that focuses on bringing together strong members...

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