Comprehensive services and assessment provided in the child’s natural environment. Services include: Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral intervention, parent education and more. STAR emphasizes maintaining youths in their home and strengthening family units. The program is designed for young people ages 7-17 who experience issues of trunancy, family conflict and possible delinquent behavior. PAL exists to bridge the gap for youth leaving the care of the State of Texas and beginning their lives as independent adults. This project provides the stimulus and direction needed for East Texas to take advocacy for people with disabilities to the next level through trainings, campaigns and celebrations. It also initiates a natural yet here-to-fore unconnected alliance between children's advocacy, women's advocacy, advocacy for the elderly and advocacy for people with disabilities around such issues as rights, abuse and neglect.

This project capitalizes on the strengths of local self-advocates to inspire and provide training to other people with disabilities in a culturally sensitive manner. It encourages more individuals to learn about their rights and take control and responsibility of their own lives. The project started by strengthening existing support groups, and then it shifted its focus to promoting the development of new support groups in an ever widening circle of self-advocacy.


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