Residential services provides a variety of living options for individuals served whether in a Foster Companion Care arrangement or sharing a 3 or 4 bed home with other consumers (available through Center's Home & Community Based Services). Also includes residential in a group home setting through the Center's ICF-MR program. Community Healthcore has 8 workshops that provide vocational training as well as site based habitation services. These services are provided to individuals in their home and at locations in the community and include habilitation and support activities to improved functional living skills and other daily living activities.

This service includes an assessment to determine if the individual meets the criteria for a diagnosis of mental retardation. The assessment is completed face-to-face and includes a report of the individual's intellectual functioning; adaptive behavior level; and evidence of origination during the individual's developmental period.

Assigned Service Coordinators ensure that individuals have access to and receive services based on their identified needs and desires and they monitor to ensure that services delivered in accordance with the individuals Person Directed Plan.

Coordination services provided for individuals residing in a state MR facility whose movement to the community is being planned; for individuals who formerly resided in a state facility and on community-placement status; or, for individuals enrolled in the HCS or ICF/MR program to maintain the individual's placement or to develop another placement for the individual.

These services are designed to provide assistance to individuals with acquiring, retaining, or improving self help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to live successfully in the community and to participate in home and community life.

Employment services are provided through the Golden Employment Management Services program (GEMS). Services include helping the individual identify employment preferences, job skills, work requirements and conditions; assistance with contacting prospective employers; and, support to help the individual sustain competitive employment.

Respite is a support service that provides planned or emergency short term relief services to the individual's primary caregiver. Assistance in daily living activities and functional living tasks are provided (e.g., grooming, eating, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene).


These services provide training to individuals on a work crew or in a sheltered workshop that enables them to learn skills that will enable them to obtain employment.



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